Support Changing Minds Foundation by sponsoring your butterflies today!!!

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Please Join Us For Our 6th Annual

Butterfly Flutter By

Fundraising Event

April 27, 2014

1:00pm - 2:30pm


Nancy's Garden

  Christ Church Cathedral

1117 Texas Avenue

Houston, TX 77002

We will release 1000 Painted Lady Butterflies all at once for a beautiful mass flight.  Please support our cause by sponsoring a butterfly and helping to improve the lives of many children and adults with Down syndrome.  All money raised will be used to spread the word about CMF and expand awareness of the need for more research to treat Down syndrome.

The Mission Possible DS Cruise was


Dr. Teresa Cody, the founder of CMF, was asked to speak at the very first Down syndrome cruise conference,  MISSION POSSIBLE, this past February.  She spoke on the CMF protocol, GABA and Prozac.  If you missed out on going, you can still hear her talks, and all the speakers from the cruise on the Mission Possible website for the low registration fee of $29.95 per year.

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                         Can Down syndrome Be Treated?

News Article from the ADSA in Auckland, New Zealand about CMF protocol and it's benefits for Grace, an 8 yr. old with DS.

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Watch this amazing video of a 16 year old boy named Jordan doing his spelling words.  He is on the CMF protocol.    

Welcome to Changing Minds Foundation. We are a nonprofit organization started by parents for parents. Our mission is to spread awareness that treatment is available for many of the problems and symptoms of Down syndrome and to share  the amazing difference this treatment is making in the lives of children and adults with DS.  In the 1990's a mouse model of Down syndrome was developed. From that mouse, researchers have been able to figure out why long term memory and learning are blocked in Down syndrome. That information has changed the lives of many. We are here to share these fantastic developments. A documentary of the scientific advances and people involved is available below for a small donation of $25.



**Changing Minds

Foundation is a 501(c)3,

non-profit organization,

dedicated to improving

the mental ability of

persons with Down

syndrome - NOW-

with available medical

treatments and proper


Neal 12 years old (on protocol)

How are we doing on our Spare Change Fundraiser??????

              $730.36 so far                                   *(Goal is $10,000)

Keep collecting.....we have a long way to go !!!

Dr.Teresa Cody has a blog where she posts helpful information and current scientific research about Down syndrome and many of the treatments that are available to help.

Follow her blog at

Warren 6 yrs. -- on CMF protocol

The 1st Changing Minds Conference in Houston, TX, on July 23-24, 2010, was a huge success !!

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