Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started on the protocol?

Q:  Should I start everything at once?

Q:  What should I start first?

Q: How do I present this information to the doctor?

Q:·What is the average cost of the protocol?

Q: What are the doses others are using?

A: Each part of the protocol is helpful, even by itself. However, the best results will not be received by just participating in one or two of the pieces. We have found that the protocol works exponentially well together, given consistently and over a period of time. Therefore, all parts are integral to the total success and helping the body to work as effectively as possible. Help with swallowing Pills

A: Some participants have started everything at once; however, you may find it better to start one at a time. This way you will see the independent results and it is easier to determine appropriate dosing if adding one substance at a time and allowing a couple of weeks before adding another.

A:  We suggest you start with the ginkgo first.  The ginkgo is just an herb, you can buy it at the grocery store.  Get capsules that you can either open up into food, or give your child to swallow.  You should give the ginkgo 2 x per day: morning and bedtime.  The ginkgo will help your child learn during the day and sleep at night. 

A:  Doctor Reference Guide Click Here

A: The average cost for a teen/adult dose of the entire protocol is approximately $250 per month.  The PC is the most expensive component.  If cost is an issue, start out with just the ginkgo, Prozac,

B12, Folinic Acid and Body Bio Oil.  You can always add the PC later.

A:  Dose Chart

Q: Is it okay to use liquid ginkgo if my child won't swallow pills?

Q:  How does the ginkgo taste?  Will my baby like it?

A:  We suggest you DO NOT use liquid ginkgo.  It does not dissolve well into water/liquid form.  Therefore the dose can be inconsistent. One dose will be mostly ginkgo and the next will be mostly water. We suggest you use capsules that you open up into food, such as pudding or applesauce, etc.  If you have an infant that is not taking solid food yet, then you should use the liquid.  However, as soon as they begin to eat baby food, you should give them the capsules. 

A: It does not taste good.  It has a very strong flavor and you should try to mask it with foods that have strong flavors like chocolate or banana.  If you put it in the center of the bite, perhaps it will not touch their tastebuds before it goes down the hatch.

Q: What if my child's doctor won't give

me a Rx for the Prozac?

Q:  I am having difficulty getting the

Rx for Prozac from a doctor.  Can I go ahead and start my child on the other items in the protocol?

Q:  What's the difference between Folic acid and Folinic acid?

Q:  How are these supplements to be given throughout the day?  Can they be taken together?  Should they be given with food?

Q:  What side effects should I be

looking for from these supplements?

A:  It is best to try a neurologist or a psychiatrist to get this Rx.  They are much more familiar with this type of drug and much more comfortable prescribing it than a pediatrician will be.

A:  Yes, go ahead and start your child on the ginkgo right away.  You can then begin to add an item each week or two until you have added them all.  In fact, once your child's doctor can see some of the changes the other items have made, he/she might reconsider the Rx for the Prozac.  If you continue to have trouble getting a Rx and you have tried a neurologist and a psychiatrist too, you can email our office and we can offer more suggestions.

A:  Folic Acid and Folinic Acid are basically the same product.  However, Folinic Acid is a more active form than Folic Acid, it is the new and improved Folic Acid. 

A:  You should give all the supplements in the morning.  Yes, they can be taken together, and yes, they MUST be given with food.  Some of the supplements can cause stomach upset if they are not taken with food.

You would then give just the ginkgo again at bedtime.

A:  For most people, there are no noticeable side effects from any of these supplements.  Some people have had stomach upset from the Body Bio Bal. Oil or the Prozac if taken without food or if dosage isn't right.  We haven't heard of many, however.  There just aren't any side effects to speak of.  You should know that your child will have to start his/her learning from the beginning.  It will be as if he was just born when he starts the ginkgo.  His learning process will go through all the stages that a newborn and toddler go through.  You should expect behavior to get worse for awhile (about 3 months).  It is as if he is going through the terrible twos!  Just stick it out.  Things will get better and you will see some amazing progress!

Q:  How will we recognize any results and when should we expect to see a change?

Q:  My child already takes Omega 3 in

the form of fish oil.  Can I continue to give this to him/her after I start the

Body Bio Balanced Oil?

Q:  What if my child is taking another medication (ie. thyroid meds).  How will

I know if it is safe to give these supplements along with that medication?

Q:  I had hoped to get more medical evaluations done to have a baseline assessment before we start, but I fear that could be months away.  Should I wait until then before starting?

Q:  My child is an adult already. 

Will this still work for him?

A:  You will see some changes right away, probably.  Most people report that they do.  If not, at least by 3 months you will.  We hear people say "it's as if the lights just went on" with the ginkgo.  Your child should seem more alert, connected with his environment, his eyes will be brighter.  He will begin to learn new words and new skills little by little.  Be patient.  For some, the results come more slowly.  If your child is older when he/she starts the protocol, they will have a lot of catching up to do.  The babies show the fastest results. 

A:  You will not need to continue to give your child the fish oil.  The Body Bio Balanced Oil has the exact right amount and ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Most people take way too much Omega 3, and don't know they should take Omega 6 at all.  We suggest you just use the Body Bio and see how your child does on that. 

A:  Consult your child's doctor to ask if there could be any drug interactions with the medication they are currently using before beginning any of these supplements.

A:  I would not wait for evaluations. It takes time to build memories. The sooner you get started the better.  Make your own notes and assessment as to where your child is right now.  That can be your baseline.  See our Monthly Tracking Chart.

A:  Yes, we have seen some amazing results in adults as well.  Look at Nicole from the video.  She came out of her dementia within months of starting the protocol.  You will need to be patient and wait for results.  They won't come as quickly as they do for babies.  Neal was 8 years old when he started.  He took only ginkgo for the first year and then began to take everything else as we discovered it.  Now he is 15 his language is really coming.  He started talking right away, but only in a few words and phrases.  Now he uses slang, humor,  prepositional phrases, he can say S's, and he uses almost complete sentences.

Q: What do you mean when you

say Body Bio uses the exact right

ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in

their Balanced Oil?

Q:  I heard that I shouldn't use flaxseed oil because it goes rancid too quickly.

Is this true?

A: Oils, Oils, Oils...... this is the tough stuff of chemistry. But here goes. Dr. Kane (creator and owner of Body Bio) and some very compelling research says that the perfect ratio of omega 6's to omega 3's is a 4 to 1 ratio. With that said, let me back up and try to explain what that means.

When someone says omega 3, it means that there is a double bond at the third carbon from the end. Sources of omega 3's are flaxseed oil, vegetable oil, and fish oil.  If they say, omega 6, then the first double bond is at the 6th carbon from the end.  Sources of Omega 6 are eggs and sunflower oil.

What Body Bio did is put [omega 6 -18 carbon long oil] 4x to [omega 3 - 18 carbon long oil] 1x ratio. Fats are long chains of a carbon element.  These chains can range from 4 carbons long to 28 carbons long.  For example, fish oil is an omega 3 with a length of 22 carbons.  The Body Bio balanced oil is 18 carbons long.  The human body can add and take away carbons to these chains as needed.

There is a theory that we eat mainly omega 6's so taking fish oil brings the ratio into balance. Good idea but somehow doesn't cut it. Taking the 4:1 BBB seems to be the key to triggering the resolvin pathway in humans.  Resolvins reverse inflamation and that is what we really want.

A:  Leichtman (geneticist) does say that flax goes rancid too quickly, but I've never had that problem with this product. That is like saying I don't buy fresh fruit b/c it goes bad. All good oils (cis) go rancid. The reason they made trans oils is b/c they extended the shelf life. Right, the bacteria don't want to eat plastic, they eat what's natural. Almost all things in nature are in what's called a cis conformation.  This means it has a certain shape. Heat processed oils change from the natural shape (cis) to a shape called trans. This is why there has been a big push to remove trans fats from our diet.

Wikipedia has a good explanation of fatty acids.

Q:  I read a letter online on the Down

     Syndrome Education website that

     was signed by lots of people and

     was negative about the CMF

     protocol.  (Read DSE Letter).

     What does the CMF say to that?

A:  Teresa Cody, the founder of CMF, wrote a response to this letter.  In it,

     she answers their critisms and explains that although she offers lots of

     research to support the protocol, you will notice in their letter, they

     don't offer any specific research denouncing it.  (Read Teresa's letter)