B12 / Folinic Acid (or Folic)

Studies have shown that there is a tendancy in Down syndrome to have low levels of B12 and Folinic (or Folic) Acid.  Replacing B12 and Folinic Acid helps to normalize metabolism.  Specifically, B12 and Folinic Acid are used in a metabolic cycle called the SAM cycle.

The best write up on the SAM cycle in plain English is by a woman named Ginger Houston-Ludlam. It goes into detail about why the Down syndrome population needs supplementation of B12 and Folinic Acid.   (See Below)

Link to Detailed Explanation

Another Reason to include these supplements is the link between low levels of B12 and Folinic Acid and Alzheimers Disease.

A recent article in the journal Neurology reports that elderly people with low blood levels of folinic acid and vitamin B12 have an increased risk of developing Alzheimers disease. The study was conducted in Sweden and included 370 adults age 75 or older with no medical evidence of Alzheimers disease or other types of dementia. After following the subjects for 3 years, the researchers concluded that people with low blood levels of both folinic acid and vitamin B12 were at greater risk of developing Alzheimers disease than those with low levels of only one of the vitamins.

This just reinforces the need in Down syndrome.

** Folic vs. Folinic Acid -- Folic and Folinic Acid are basically the same product.  However, Folinic Acid is a more active form than Folic Acid  It is the new and improved Folic Acid.

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