Focalin XR


Help With Concentration

With all the changes in the mental abilities, focusing became an issue. Focalin XR, a time released ADHD medication, helped to reign in the concentration and focus attention allowing increased learning and better behavior. It is a cleaned up version of Ritalin.

It was added after it became apparent that these children did not have the ability to focus on a subject. They were beginning to learn but they also spent too much energy staying on task. Focalin also helps to curb impulsive behaviors. This should be added only after it becomes obvious it is needed.

If you think about it, it is difficult to think, especially if one has never practiced it. Waking up at 8 years old, for example, is an enormous change. It wasn't that they didn't want to concentrate - they just didn't know how. This medication is commonly used and has been available since 1961, in the form of Ritalin.


Very young children will not need this portion of the protocol unless they are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. 

** Some doctors prescribe Concerta or Vivance instead of Focalin XR. 

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